Monday, 16 January 2012

How To Keep A Caravan Warm In Winter

While a caravan adventure is always a great experience, many people opt to stay at home during winter because they find their caravans much to cold to spend the night in. But there are ways to keep your caravan warm during winter, allowing you to holiday all year round.

Gas Appliances
Probably the least desirable of the heating options, it is possible to use a gas-heating appliance in your caravan. It is, however, dangerous to leave these turned on over night and should only be used for heating during the day.

Electrical Heaters
You can only use these kinds of heaters when caravanning at a powered site or using another electricity source. They can be left on most of the time, ensuring that your caravan is always warm, but you should make sure it has a safety switch in case it is accidentally knocked over.

Porch Awning
Installing a porch awning on the outside of your caravan will preserve the heat that is already inside. It will stop cold air rushing into the caravan whenever you open the door, and also is a great place to store things outside.

Extra Bedding
Bring extra bedding with you so that you can pile more on if your caravan does happen to get cold overnight. Investing in a high tog quilt or a sleeping bag made for below freezing conditions can also go a long way.

Select a campsite for your caravan that is well protected from the elements – out of the wind and off the valley floor. Putting yourself into a situation that is bound to get very cold is not going to help, regardless of how many techniques you use to stay warm.


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